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MERTKROM, which is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to business inputs and the country's economy, cares for the environment and people, has the right and responsibility to implement;

  • Based on the principle of continuous development and improvement, we take precautions by determining environmental, health and safety risks in order to plan products, solutions and activities that comply with the environment and human health, to the companies we serve,
  • Produces methods to eliminate the dangers completely,
  • Fulfills the legal responsibilities determined with the legal legislation, operating specifications and management systems associated with the health-safety risks and environmental aspects that arise during our activities,
  • Plans our occupational health and safety and environmental implementation activities in a way to prevent possible health, safety and environmental risks,
  • As an indicator of our sustainable development, it reduces environmental pollution caused by our company and the institutions we serve, and ensures efficient use of energy and natural resources,
  • It protects the individual health of MERTKROM employees and customer employees, and makes the working and environmental conditions healthy.

Our company firstly works to improve the level of knowledge and awareness based on the philosophy of human health, safety and environmental protection. Our main duty will be to protect the environment, protect human health and create safe working environments.